Maggi Hot Cup @ Cocktail’s Bar

After a two hours journey on the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord, we had our first check in at the Forest Hill Paris La Villette. It’s a family trip. It’s late in the evening, we had our early dinner so we didn’t have our dinner at the hotel we checked in, straight to the hotel room after receiving the key card. Feeling the excitement as the hotel view is awesome and also own Cocktail’s Bar, the Hippopotamus restaurant, all inside the hotel.

It was almost too hectic at times, I was too tired but also hungry at the same time. Well, I always get hungry every time. I get a room to sleep with my brother. After shower, to fill my other empty stomach I decided to eat a maggi cup. In searching for hot water, I can’t find any water cooler in the hallway.

Soo, my brother and I went to the Cocktail’s Bar instead looking for hot water for our maggi hot cup meal. Yohoo!

We found a waitress, beautiful Paris born with white long hair, cute face to serve us. I greet her with “Bonjour!”, French greeting that means hello and ask politely for hot water. Lucky me, she understands and speaks English because some of French people do not speak English, and even my English was not that bad, as long as we both understand each other. At first, I thought that she would bring the hot water for us but instead she grabbed our maggi cup and helped us pour the hot water into our maggi cup along with the bar serving tray. She said it’s okay to take the tray to the hotel room, but then don’t forget to return! Ha-ha

We can just eat our maggi cup at the Cocktail’s Bar but it just doesn’t seem right because who eats maggi at the Bar right? Ha-ha. Soo, we head to our room along with the maggi cup and the serving tray. Time to eat!

To think back, it’s funny when we wander around the hotel lobby and finally go to the Cocktail’s Bar carrying the maggi cup just to find hot water, to satisfy the hunger of our stomach. But, it’s all worth it. I had a very good sleep that night.

And guess who’s the one that has to return the serving tray?

Hint: The one who carry the serving tray at the beginning 😛

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