Street seller that look like Eden Hazard, Chelsea Football Star

One night walking at Oxford street London, where the world’s premier shopping destination has over 300 stores to enjoy. My brother and I walk into the Primark store. It’s our first time entering and knowing about Primark, one of the famous successful stores that serves cheap fashion but is really good in quality. So, I bought myself a new winter jacket, scarf and gloves.

Since there are a lot of good stores along Oxford Street. We really enjoyed ourselves shopping. When we are travelling to another country, buying souvenirs is compulsory, taking a little something home with us as a reminder of our travels, something to show for where we have been, something we can use to look back and reminisce about the fantastic experience we had during our holiday.

I bought a lot of souvenirs including postcards, ornaments, keychains, t-shirts and many more for me, for my friends and not to forget my loved ones. But mostly for myself. HeHe

Buying souvenir tips: Make sure to buy them at a local store, much cheaper compared to stores that sell souvenirs at Airport ya!

We walked to different stores to buy and find the best souvenirs that we’re interested in, not to forget to look for cheaper items so that we can buy more. There are options to buy souvenirs either at the souvenir shops or souvenir stalls lining the sides of the road. I was more intrigued by the souvenir stalls so I went check on every each of the stalls for satisfaction.

At one of the souvenir stalls that I went to, the owner is much friendly and fun to chat with. As I was looking for something to buy, he came to me and said “Apa Khabar” and I was surprised and laughed, amazed by the British street seller knows how to speak Malay. From that moment, I realized that he is able to recognize Asian people who speak Bahasa because my face and skin really tells that I’m a Malay.

The street seller’s name is Johnny. Very fun guy. As we talked, he told me that he knows a bit about my country, Malaysia. Since he got friends here in Malaysia and had traveled to Malaysia before. I joked with him, “come again to Malaysia, pay me and let me be your travel guide” and he replied “Haha surely mate”, we both laughed. Lol!

I also told him, you really look like Eden Hazard, one of the Chelsea great players of all time. He laughed again. “Really? Nahhh I don’t like Chelsea, I’m a Tottenham Hotspur fan”. He didn’t look that shocked because he told me he gets the same reaction from other people every time he meets new people.

My brother and I managed to get a selfie. Here’s how he looks like Eden Hazard, wearing a Tottenham Hotspur beanie, really a true fan!

Since we both really get along, I bought a few souvenirs from his stall. He was so happy!
For me, it was one of the best shopping experiences I had when travelling. See ya again in future mate 🙂

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